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How Tutorpoint works


Register with Tutorpoint,select your area of expertise and interest and begin your journey of Online Tutoring

Get Questions

Accept assignment/s from your domain of proficiency according to your availability

Submit Solutions

Mind the deadlines and submit correct and detailed step by step solutions

Get Reviewed

Get expert's rating for your work which helps in maintaining the quality of our community

Get Paid

Receive payment at the end of each month

Why join our community

Work Anytime

Work occasionally or daily
in your own time from the from
the comfort of your home.

Work Anywhere

Work from anywhere be it your home,
dorm or coffee shop all you need is a pen,
paper and internet connection.

Learn and Grow

Get questions everyday.Expand your
knowledge. Refine and master your
concenpts.Grow within our organisation
with your skills.

Reward and Recognisition

Be a part of our growing
community. Get recognised by
your skills. Get paid for your job
at the end of every month.

Work Description

Live Sessions- Interact online and solve problems

  • Accept session according to your domain of proficiency, go through the reference material and be prepared
  • Be available on whatsapp during the duration of the accepted session
  • Provide quick, correct and step by step solution

Deadline Sessions- Submit solution within a predetermined time limit

  • Accept session according to your availability and proficiency, go through the reference material
  • Provide precise, to the point and step by step solution within given time limit
  • Missing the deadline may lead to account termination


Here are the some common questions frequently asked by the tutors

The action at Tutorpoint is expeditious. You just need to clear an online test and/or submit a sample work. On an average the process is completed within 4-5 days.

It all starts by filling a form, then applicant is asked to appear in an online test and/or to submit sample of his/her work. Very soon the candidate is notified and contacted on successfull compltion of the test.

Tutors are rated on the basis of quality of their work. This provides a feedback to the tutors so that they can learn and grow and helps in maintaining the quality and goodwill of the community among the students. Tutors with higher ratings have more chances of getting a session.

Tutor rating is an important tool to judge the performance of a tutor. Every tutor will be awarded a rating at the end of each session based on the quality of work provided. Each rating will contribute to the tutor’s average rating. The higher the average rating, the more sessions will the tutor be offered.

At tutorpoint the pricing is done on individual session basis depending on the time and effort required for it. The sessions have a base price given to the project which is the price that a new expert gets, with time you are rated on your work on basis of set criteria and with your rating your compensation for a particular project varies.

Payments are released on monthly basis. All payouts are released within first week of every month .

Copying is not allowed. The solutions submitted by tutors will first go through plagiarism check, if the solutions are found to be copied, it will not be accepted.Tutors can not submit same solution more than once for the same question, in case the tutor has already solved the same question in past it is tutor’s responsibility to modify the solutions for further submission.

The reference material gives information regarding the format of submission of the solutions. Every tutor must go through the reference material provided so that the solutions are easy to apprehend and follows a standard format.

Correctness of the solution.
Clear and easy to understand handwriting
Step by step solution.
Visibility of uploaded solutions.
Fidelity to the concepts and methods as mentioned in the reference material provided.

We do not encourage our tutors to cancel any accepted sessions, but we understand sometimes there may be emergencies. In such situations the tutor should immediately inform the admin about his/her unavailability.

Process of becoming a Tutor


Start by filling a simple form.

Initial screening

Clear an online test and/or submit sample work.

Background check

Verification of details given by the user.

All set up

Congratulations! You are ready to tutor.

Tutors Speak

I feel lucky to be a part of Tutorpoint. The team is very supportive and at the same time responsible also. The team makes sure that work is done on time.
Harshit Ranjan

Harshit Ranjan


A great platform to expand and sharpen your knowledge and strengthen your concepts.
Rakshit Tanwar

Rakshit Tanwar


There is a feeling of responsibility to help students. Each question is a challenge and that keeps me pumped and at the same time helps me earn pocket money.
Zain Ahmed

Zain Ahmed


Sharpening my knowledge and earning at same time.Good work Tutorpoint !
Ankit Kumar Jha

Ankit Kumar Jha

Delhi University

Best platform to boost your knowledge and make your concepts strong. It's fun solving new questions and giving detailed step-by-step solutions. Tutorpoint helped me my my concepts strong
Nitin Kumar

Nitin Kumar

Delhi University

The wide variety of projects flexible working style makes it completely worth spending my time here. Learning and earning at same time.
Ali Hamza

Ali Hamza

Delhi University

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